Armarium XXXI, 872-1605

Catholic Church Camera Apostolica


85 v..
This armarium contains fifteenth-sixteenth-century cameral copies consisting of extracts from Chancery records dating between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. It is arranged chronologically by pontificates, but with gaps and additions, and appears to have been little explored, though some of its volumes are of considerable interest. Arm. XXXI, vol. 1, is copied in Vatican Register 2 (ff. 1-83v).
This record was created by the University of Michigan Vatican Archives Project which ended in 1992. The collection described in this record may have been further processed by Vatican Archives staff so that the information may no longer be current. Consult the Vatican Archives staff for current access information. The final report of the University of Michigan Vatican Archives Project is found in: Vatican archives : an inventory guide to historical documents of the Holy See / Francis X. Blouin, Jr., general editor. New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.
Fink p. 31.
Boyle p. 38.
MacFarlane p. 35.
Armarium 31, v. 1 is copied in R.V. 2 (ff. 1-83v).
ASV Indice 213, "Indice di libri de Msgr. Ciampini alcune de quale sono stati comprati da Il. Sg.le. Clemente XI e posti nell'studi . . . e fuori sono stati segnali con la lett. 'C' e posti in diversi luoghi secundo le materie nelle quali trattavano," includes Arm. XXXI, vols. 27, 74, and 82 in this donation, which took place between 1700 and 1721. The description of these volumes in Indice 213 is fuller than the description in ASV Indice 133.
ASV Indice 133, ff. 196r-198v, briefly lists summary titles of each volume. The index (compiled by Petrus DePretis after 1741) is basically informative but often fails to note copies. The index also uses terms as "regestrum" and "brevia" too inclusively and does not clearly note items which do not fit the basic thematic focus of each armarium, or which items are clearly from other offices.
ASV Indice 110, "Index librorum 112 Diversorum scripturarum confecta Rmo. Dmo. Felice Contelori et unitorum per me Joannen Bissaigham & fuit compactus an 1694," [olim Arm 58, n. 41] indexes Arm. XXXI, vol. 46 (beginning on f. 151.) Entries note the dioceses in the margins and proceed folio by folio listing the following elements: place, type of business (e.g., venditio), recipient, summary of the document, date, cost (occasionally), and folio number. Although this does provide descriptive detail concerning the contents of the volume, it should not be assumed to be a complete index.
ASV Indice 124, "Primo Sbozzo di Inventario di tutti i libri che sono nell'Archivio Segreto Vaticano" by Giovanni Bissaiga in 1672 provides more descriptive and accurate volume titles for some Armarium volumes, such as Armarium 31, volumes 9 (f. 246, no. 2681), 36 (f. 253, no. 2750), 55 (f. 246, no. 2680). Additional volume titles are listed on folios 237v-238r, 240r, 242v-247r, 248v, 251r, 253r, and 257r. The exact titles listed in Indice 124 are sometimes provided in a footnote in ASV Indice 133, so researchers can see exactly how generic the titles in ASV Indice 133 are.
ASV Indice 731 lists documents (it seems on a selected basis) found in Arm. XXXI, vol. 29. ASV Indice 1100 indicates which Sec. Brev. registers (series name and volume number) as well as which other series are indexed in ASV Indice 731-885.
Forms part of Catholic Church. Camera Apostolica.

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