Fondo Garampi, ca. 814 (copy) - 1797 (bulk 1666-1791)

Garampi, Guiseppe, 1725-1792


18 linear m..
305 vols., followed by one unnumbered busta, miscellaneous buste numbered 1-29, and 17 unnumbered buste.
According to Boyle, this is a collection of documents of, or copied by, Garampi. This series includes Adversariorum (vols. 134-138), research notes of Garampi, and a limited number of original documents. Vols. 37-39 deal with the Capitolo di S. Pietro and the Reverenda Fabbrica.
This record was created by the University of Michigan Vatican Archives Project which ended in 1992. The collection described in this record may have been further processed by Vatican Archives staff so that the information may no longer be current. Consult the Vatican Archives staff for current access information. The final report of the University of Michigan Vatican Archives Project is found in: Vatican archives : an inventory guide to historical documents of the Holy See / Francis X. Blouin, Jr., general editor. New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.
Fink p. 135-136.
Boyle p. 97.
Are available on microfilm.
Italian, Latin.
ASV Indice 157 lists vols. 1-305 of the Fondo Garampi and provides detailed access to vols. 1-264. Entries for the first 264 vols. calendar select items in each busta and indicate the type of document (bolle, lettere in cifre, diario, inventario, etc.), a brief synopsis of the subject, the writer and recipient (if applicable), and the date. Whether the item is an original or a copy is not consistently noted.
ASV Indice 1068 is a register of letters in vols. 272-300 of the Fondo Garampi. Entries list writer, recipient, date and place the letter was written, volume, and folio. At the end of Indice 1068 there is another list that indicates which buste or parts of buste in Fondo Garampi have been lost.
ASV Indice 231, "Rubricella delli Tomi tre di Minute di Brevi a Principi di Paolo V e Gregorio XV," contains a note by Mercati that "questo volume fu trovato dall' Emo. Garampi nello spoglio delle sue carte rimasse alla cifra e fra consegnato ... 1786." This is not an index to any apparent series and there is no other indication that it came from this series. However its nature is like many of the volumes found here. The book is organized by type of business.
P. Carucci and R. Santoro, eds., "Le fonti archivistiche," vol. 1 of La Rivoluzione Francese (1787-1799): Repertorio delle fonti archivistiche e delle fonti a stampa conservate in Italia e nella Citt ̀‰del Vaticano, (Rome, 1991). This work identifies series in the ASV that pertain to the French Revolution found in Fondo Garampi (vols. 95, 154, 159, 179, 214, and 264). Entries list the volume number, identify the total number of folios in a volume, provide the formal or a supplied title, summarize the materials in the volume concerning the French Revolution, and note the inclusive dates. At times, individual items are identified and described.

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