Registra avenionensia, 1316-1418

Catholic Church Cancellaria Apostolica


49 linear m. (349 no. v. and 4 appendices).
Chronological. Appendices out of the primary chronological order.
Identified by roman numerals I-IV, as follows: I. Johannes XXII -- II. Benedict XII -- III. Clemens VII, Urbanus V, Gregorius IX -- IV. Clement VI (1345).
These registers are so named because they remained in Avignon until 1783, when they were sent to the Vatican Archives. The Avignon registers chiefly contain the minutes or drafts of bulls and letters sent out by the papal chancery at Avignon between 1316 and 1418. The Avignon registers contain a considerable amount of cameral material that was bound into the volumes for its preservation.
See Boyle, pp. 114-131, for an extensive discussion on the nature of these registers. Boyle notes that "although the term 'register' usually means a file-copy of an incoming or outgoing letter, it is more elastic in the case of the Avignon Registers. Basically the entries in the RA are drafts rather than copies of letters, yet the Chancery clearly looked on these drafts as registered copies." In many cases the RA draft was later copied into the more formal Vatican Registers. However, for a number of reasons explicated by Boyle, the texts in the RV do not always agree with the text in the RA.
This record was created by the University of Michigan Vatican Archives Project which ended in 1992. The collection described in this record may have been further processed by Vatican Archives staff so that the information may no longer be current. Consult the Vatican Archives staff for current access information. The final report of the University of Michigan Vatican Archives Project is found in: Vatican archives : an inventory guide to historical documents of the Holy See / Francis X. Blouin, Jr., general editor. New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.
Fink p. 37-39.
MacFarlane p. 36-37.
Boyle p. 49, 114-131.
Are available on microfilm.
ASV Indice 1101 is a tabular prospectus to the entire series. If a researcher already has a pontifical year or a former volume number, this skeletal index will provide the current volume number. Indice 1101 proceeds volume by volume, listing the current volume number, pontificate, pontifical year, volume number within a pontifical year, tome number, selected notes, and the current volume number. While this is the most comprehensive index of the series, other indexes have more descriptive details.
ASV Indici 642-669, "Indice dell'Archivio Apostolico di Avignone," known as the "Martin Index" (1711), compiled in Avignon, calendars the RA volumes from Clement V to Clement VII (of Avignon), tome 1-4, that is, RA 205-208. The RA volumes of Gregory XI are omitted. Early volumes of ASV Indici 642-669 are prefaced with internal indexes. The calendar's entries give the folio number, diocese, category of business (e.g., gratia, indultum, decretum, dispensatio, provisio, mandatum, confirmatio, collatio, aggregatio, inhibitio, etc.), recipient, and the object of the business, and infrequently a date. The Martin Index indicates the pontificate, the pontifical year, and liber number. Researchers must refer to Indice 1101 for the current RA volume number.
ASV Indici 557-641, "Index Bullarum," compiled in Avignon by Montroy between 1718 and 1732, provide alphabetical access to RA volumes. These indices are incomplete for the pontificate of Clement VII (of Avignon) (approx. RA 209-244) and the first half of Benedict XIII (of Avignon) (approx. to RA 293 or RA 294). Indici 557-641 are selective, and do not calendar every item. The Montroy indices are alphabetical (first letter only) by dioceses, with some names of countries as well. References are given according to pontificate, pontifical year, and liber number, so researchers must consult Indice 1101 for the current volume numbers.
ASV Indice 1036 (p. 148v-189r) includes a list of cameral materials found in RA vols. 1-349. Entries include: RA volume number, inclusive dates of the cameral materials in the RA volume, brief description of material (including type of business, e.g., manuale, instrumentum, introitus et exitus, processus, inventarium, solutiones, etc.), and RA folio numbers. On page 233, there is an alphabetical list of dioceses, regions, provinces, types of business, and so froth, and references to the pages on which they can be located in Indice 1036. The best overview of the cameral materials in the RA can be gained by using ASV Indice 1036, the old indice numbered 34, and DeLoye (cf. below) in tandem.
ASV Indice 34 (old number), by Dr. P. Sella, is available at the desk in the main ASV reading room. This index also lists the same cameral materials located in the RA as Indice 1036; however, Indice 34 provides different, complementary information. This is not an official ASV finding aid and must be used in consultation with ASV staff.
Joseph de Loye, Les archives de la Chambre apostolique au XIVe siecle, pt. 1, Inventaire (Paris, 1899), pp. vii-x, 197-269, provides a more selective list of the cameral materials in the RA; however, some of these are more fully described than in ASV Indice 1036 and 34 (old number). DeLoye also includes several tables of materials that indicate where, for example, stray Introitus et exitus can be located in different series. He also indexes some of the dioceses cited in various cameral series. DeLoye gives the former papal-year-tome numbers, although the copy in the ASV Sala d'Indice has annotations of the current RA volume numbers.
ASV Indice 260 contains contemporary tables of contents and fragments of contents for the following RA vols.: 21, 43, 117, 136, 182, 197, 201, and 202.
Most volumes of RA have contemporary indices, as noted by Boyle, p. 127.
Instrumenta Miscellanea 6646 "Rubricae litterarum Gregorii PP. XI" (14th century pergamene) (see ID VATV193-A) provides partial lists of bulls of the papacy of Gregory XI (1377-1378). The citations are given according to category, e.g. litterae de vacantibus, litterae de canonicatu, litterae de beneficiis, litterae tabellionatus officiis, etc. and refer to the following RA registers and pages: RA 202 (f. 501-513), RA 203 (f. 136-153), RA 204 (f. 19-34, 215-217, 221, 222-239, 367-369, 370).
See also J. Lenzenweger, "Konkordanzen," in Acta Pataviensia Austriaca, vol. 1, Klemens VI (1342-1352) (Vienna, 1974), pp. 43-176. This article is a concordance between Registra Vaticana volumes 147-213E and Registra Avenionensia volumes 56-120A. Lenzenweger lists the type of business, and then the RV and RA volume and folio(s), and any other identifying information (e.g., number).
Forms part of Catholic Church. Cancelleria Apostolica.

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