Spoglio del Teodolfo Mertel, 1846-1899

Catholic Church Secretaria Status


55 buste.
The buste contain ponenze from the Concilio (1858-1895), the Propaganda Fide (1854-1899), the Congregazione dei Vescovi e Regolari (1858-1895), the Cancelleria (1878-1899), and the Fabbrica (1860). The materials from the Propaganda include information on a concordat with Portugal (1864) and synods in Albania (1877-1879), Alexandria, and Leopoli (Lwow, 1891-1899). Records also pertain to the Censo, the Camera, the Rota, and the Segnatura.
Other materials concern the Papal States and various civil offices such as the Ministero dell'Interno, the Consiglio dei Ministri, the Alto Consilio, and the Ministero delle Finanze. The buste also contain a number of civil and criminal cases and discussions of judicial reform. One group of items of particular interest concerns the construction of railroads in the Papal States (1846-1857). Mertel's records also deal with parish, confraternity, and religious community life in Rome.
Teodolfo Mertel was born in Allumiere on February 6, 1806, and died on July 9, 1899. He received a degree in law in Rome and served as uditore of the Rota and later as president of the Tribunale Civile di Roma (1843). In 1848 Mertel became secretary of the Commissione Cardinalizia di Redigere lo Statuto di Pio IX. After the return of Pius IX from Gaeta, Mertel served in the ministry of Grazia e Giustizia and then in the Ministero dell'Interno. In February 1858 he was created cardinal deacon. Pius IX named Mertel vice-cancelliere and executor of his will. Mertel was also involved in the preparations for the revisions of canon law in 1917. He was a member of the following congregations: Concilio, Propaganda Fide, Vescovi e Regolari, Censo, Visita Apostolica, and Fabbrica; and he was president of the Consiglio di Stato. He was a protector of many religious institutes.
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Pasztor (1983) p. 145-146.
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