Introitus et exitus, 1279-1564

Catholic Church Camera Apostolica


19 linear m..
565 numbered volumes. Volumes 1-562 are chronological although within some individual volumes receipts and expenses are categorized by type. Volume numbers 563, 564, and 565 are out of place chronologically and cover the following years: 563 (1316), 564 (1319), 565 (1331). The Fondo camerale comprises this series, Collectoriae, and Obligationes et solutiones.
These are the cumulative form of the monthly income and expenditure reports by the papal treasurer. Some volumes from this series have wandered to the Cancellaria Apostolica series Registra Avenionensia, and some unbound Introitus et exitus material is in the Miscellaneous official series Instrumenta miscellanea.
MacFarlane notes that these are a precious source of information on the financial workings of the Curia itself, as well as being particularly useful for the exact dating of personal visits to the Holy See by clergy of all kinds, in order to pay their annates, common services, the census and the like. Procurators are also named. On the expense side they are also full of interesting information recounting the expenditure of each of the departments of the papal household, military expenses, building costs, payments for works of art, and so on.
Boyle adds that this series is a rich source for the economic or the social historian. To a local historian, however, the value of these ledgers often lies in the fact that they confirm if they do not add to information found in the Camera Apostolica series Obligationes et solutiones or Collectoriae. See Boyle, pp 168-172, for an extensive presentation on the use of this series.
This record was created by the University of Michigan Vatican Archives Project which ended in 1992. The collection described in this record may have been further processed by Vatican Archives staff so that the information may no longer be current. Consult the Vatican Archives staff for current access information. The final report of the University of Michigan Vatican Archives Project is found in: Vatican archives : an inventory guide to historical documents of the Holy See / Francis X. Blouin, Jr., general editor. New York : Oxford University Press, 1998.
Boyle p. 43 and p. 168-172.
Fink p. 49.
Camera Apostolica. IE.
Are available on microfilm.
ASV Index 1036, part I provides a volume by volume series listing. Entries include: the former and current volume numbers, inclusive dates, the exact spine title or brief contents summary (although one cannot tell which is which), and sometimes a note on a particularly interesting item in the volume. Additional important information concerning the accuracy of this listing is on page 286 of Index 1036. Entries generally identify the participants and the business correctly, but the relationship referred to in Indice 1036 can sometimes be misleading. An alphabetical index to important churches, selected persons, and dioceses which are cited in Indice 1036 appears on p. 233.
Also useful is Joseph de Loye, Les archives de la Chambre apostolique au XIVe sic̀ˆle, part 1, Inventaire (Paris, 1899). In this work, de Loye provides a more analytical index for the first 380 volumes. Entries include: volume number, inclusive dates, the exact spine title or a brief titular contents summary (although again it is difficult to tell which is which). In addition there are excerpts, sometimes fairly substantial, of actual entries. There are also indices at the end of the book to entries for papal administration (Camera in Avignon, Manualia, Inventaria Thesauri); provincial administration organized by geographic area; and collections, again organized by geographic area. De Loye lists Registra Avenionensia volumes that contain Introitus et exitus materials.
ASV Indice 194 (fol. 7-9) provides a concordance between the former and current segnature to volumes currently identified as v. 1-608. The 'numero vecchio' is found in many older historical studies and in the Schedario Garampi.
ASV Indice 114 (p. 49-53v, 73-76), by Felice Contelori, provides curious excerpts of selected volumes in this series.
ASV Indice 124, "Primo Sbozzo di Inventario di tutti i libri che sono nell'Archivio Segreto Vaticano" by Giovanni Bissaiga in 1672 provides more descriptive and accurate volume titles for select volumes of some series. A few Introitus/Exitus volumes are listed on folios 216r-230v, 235rv, and 251v.
Forms part of Catholic Church. Camera Apostolica. Fondo Camerale.

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